What we do... 

We enable our clients to operate and focus on what their businesses do.  We have all heard the scare stories and the impact of breaches over the past few years and we all know that they can be devastating if not prepared.  So TRaC Defence will not use this tactic or insult you by stating the known.  TRaC Defence will work with you to develop a risk managed approach to security and privacy that will work with your company and create maximum agility and flexibillity.  This will focus on all areas of the CIA triad and the people, policies / processes and technology.  When the time comes and a breach occurs we will work with you to manage the process and ensure you get the best support to quickly and efficiently reduce the impact. 

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Our Services are designed to allign with your business.  Introducing minimal disruption and maximise the benefits and efficiencies a proper risk managed security approach can have on your business. This approach gives you the ability to be agile and flexible to your business and clients needs.


Policy and Process Development


Training and Awareness


Cyber transformation management


 ISO 27001 implementation

 Privacy and Data classification


Security architecture design


Technology selection and Procurement


Security Operations and Protective Monitoring


Data protection and management