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This blog will follow the lives of the TRaC Defence team focussing on areas of interest, technology, industry news and problems encountered.

We have ‘blast off’ and a new venture begins: Life of a Cyber SME Start-up!

Monday, October 23, 2017

After a fantastic career working for some of the best system integrators in the world, I have now taken the plunge to build my own business and concentrate purely on my true passion, resolving challenges and protecting organisations against the global Cyber Security threat.

As of today, TRaC Defence Limited officially begins...

I have had memorable experiences and thank everyone who has helped me get to this stage in my career, where I can now start to carve out my own niche in this amazing market space. Throughout my career I have been able to work within all elements of cyber and information assurance capabilities across most market verticals allowing me to understand what I like and where I naturally fit.

Things I have learnt along the way:

Solutions don’t have to always be complex.
Get the basic hygiene factors right first; these will solve 80% of the issues you will come up against.
People focus first; this is where most of your challenges will originate.
Policies and processes should be concise, nobody will read or follow 20 volumes of thou shalt not...
Technology should be applied to support people and policies and have a specific focus, whether that is to protect against true APT’s or well meaning employee’s.
Security and Privacy go hand in hand, it’s not just a digital problem.
Everyone agrees these are basic and not ground breaking in themselves but are still the major areas that organisations still fail to get right.

TRaC Defence has been born out of a passion for wanting to make a difference and focus on what is important, beating the bad guys and trying to keep what is left of our unreleased data secure.

TRaC Defence’s primary focus will be Threat, Risk and Compliance where we will help our clients put in place a balanced approach to protecting their organisations and clients data/information.

TRaC Defence is growing a set of partnerships with SME’s and vendors with complimentary capabilities and announcements about these will be made over the next few weeks.

If you are looking for support or guidance with your Cyber and information privacy journey please contact us and we can discuss how we can help you.
If you’re interested in following our journey please follow our blog:
@tracdefence on Twitter

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