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Protection of Social Network accounts and password protection; should more be done to enforce 2 factor authentication?

Friday, October 20, 2017

As a Security professional I do like to pass onto my children, 11 and 14 the virtues of privacy and being careful when on line, especially when using social networks. One area I am always pushing is the power of passwords and login details and the fact that you should never share this and the reasons why. So Snapchat has a thing called Streaks, where you have to maintain a flow day to day about something you are doing. Apparently not maintaining your streaks is a life and death situation!!! 😂 Imagine my despair when my daughter says ‘my friend is going to do my streaks for the next couple of days as I know I'm busy’. So I ask ‘oh how does your friend do this?’ The response, ‘she has my login and password!’... 😱. I ask her if she sees anything wrong with this. At which the response is, ‘She is my friend, I can trust her!’ Aaaarrrrrggggghhhhh. So again we go through the dangers and risks, especially as kids are friends one minute and then enemies the next. As a parent how can we control this and more importantly what support should parents get, to instill the mantra logins are as sensitive as talking about personal things?... But this is not isolated to children. I recall an article recently where somebody on a train asked a fellow passenger to keep an eye on their unlocked laptop while they went for a coffee. We all know that people are the biggest risk.

So are the systems utilised for login of social media and computers now out dated? We talk about 2 factor authentication; should this now be enforced? e.g 2 factor authentication by default?



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