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Am I expecting to much from Recruitment companies and Headhunters

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Throughout my career I have engaged with a wide range of recruitment companies and head-hunters and have had a very mixed experience varying from abysmal through to excellent. Let me explain I like to be in control of my Career that means I like to know what I have applied for with whom and what is being done on my behalf to help me get at least an interview or discussion. At the discussion phase I do all I can to prepare at which point the success comes down to my ability to self-promote. However, is it too much to expect at least a call or an email at a regular interval maybe fortnightly to say we have had no feedback or the opportunity is dead?

As most of you will know I am in the process of building my own business. Although I know it may mean I take a slightly lower fee, I decided I would work with different organisations to help me get that all important first contract. But disappointingly recently I feel that a lot of the organisations I have engaged with (there are a few exceptions CND and InfoSec People for example where people count and they use Communications to their benefit) take your CV put it forward for roles and then forget about it? Is recruitment not a two way / three-way street (Recruiting organisation, Recruiter and Candidate)? I realise people are incredibly busy and the recruitment market place is a stack them high and push them through quickly approach so that a small percentage of wins provides the business with what they need to be profitable etc. I get that I really do. But should this impact common courtesies and customer service to candidates that are working with you and wish to take advantage of the opportunities these organisations etc have? Is it wrong for a candidate to ask for an update and expect more than a two word response? As at times I get the feeling it is felt this is wasting their precious time.

I do wonder if it is ever considered that if you work more with the candidates your win rates may actually increase and people will want to work with you in gaining suitably new roles or contracts? more importantly they will be your biggest advocates and drive people and businesses to you?

I guess this is a bit of a rant and a plea. if you are going to work in the recruitment and headhunting business please maintain Comm's it doesn’t take much and it really makes a difference to how people view your company and the market you represent. Or just as easily if you cant help say so, this saves a lot of time and allows all parties to move on.

I apologise if I have missed the point, but I too have little time and need to work with organisations that take me and my experience seriously.

If you are in the Recruitment industry and looking for candidates that will work with you for joint gain please ping me a mail. I would be interested in talk to you.

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