Security Architecture and Design

Security Architecture and Design

Designing the approach to technical security controls to meet your risk and threat landscape requires a varied skill base and different knowledge base.  Our specialists can develop a full design that will enable your business to maximise the security solutions available to you through system reuse and configuration while developing the most financially advantageous approach to security design and implementation.

Security Architecture and Design

Designing an Architecture and ensuring it is properly documented is time consuming and difficult especially if you have a complex network and business infrastructure.  Our specialist Architects can provide a full programme of work that will deliver a complete Design and documentation pack.  If required we can work with your teams to enable skill transfer and also build a knowledge base that will enable you to maintain the agile approach to Security.

Areas of focus:

  • High level Designs
  • Low level Designs
  • Supporting documentation for Accreditation, ISO 27001or equivalent
  • Support or management of Design workshops
  • Stakeholder management
  • Training material development of new solution / system
  • 3rd party and supplier engagement and management
  • Full Design lifecycle management
  • Design implementation plan

Technical Security Control Implementation

Once you have a full signed off design the system will need to be Implemented.  Our specialist can continue their engagement through Implementing the full plan.

  • Joint or independant working
  • Design review (if not implemented by us)
  • Technology review and selection
  • Full technology supply chain management
  • Implementation project management
  • Technical resource provision
  • Skill and knowledge transfer

Technical Security Architect Provision

If it is unclear what you need to do and it is not possible to create a fixed outcome project our Architects can come and work with you as a team member to help develop the next steps for you to progress on your security journey.

Design as a Service

Design as a Service is service where TRaC Defence can provide a full team to manage all aspects of a security transformation or security related programme.  This can cover all elements of security.

  • People
  • Policy and process
  • Technology