IASME Governance with GDPR

The Next Step in your Journey: Building on Cyber Success

Cyber Essentials and IASME Governance with GDPR This is the next step in a business’ journey to more robust controls.  Building on the cyber essentials control requirements, IASME Governance expands into helping your business become more robust and help to drive approaches that will give your business the ability to exploit wider technology and data. Through having the ability to Defend your business, use your people to Detect potential events or issues, Respond to incidents and Recover back to business as usual.  This approach enables your business to become both Cyber Secure but also Cyber resilient.
TRaC Defence Solutions

The next Step in your Business' Cyber Security maturity

Cyber Essentials Baseline

The IASME Governance areas of focus include the Cyber Essentials as the baseline for growth
  • Your Organisation and Context   (Location, Networks and Equipment e.g. Servers, Laptops/Desktops, Mobile Devices 
  • Risks
  • Office firewalls and internet gateways (Routers, home hubs, dedicated firewalls Secure configuration of all equipment
  • Patches and updates are your systems supported and have the latest security patches and updates.
  • User account management
  • Administrative account management
  • Malware protection

Enhanced IASME Governance with GDPR

IASME Governance with GDPR Areas of Focus ·     
Managing Security (Much more focus on the continual through life management of cyber security) ·     
Information Assets (Focusing on the management and security of data within your business) ·     
Cloud Services (How does your business manage its cloud services and ensure security is effectively managed) ·     
Risk management (A much wider focus on risks management and how you use this as a business to help drive your decisions) ·     
Data Protection (At rest and in Transit) ·     
People (focus on how you make people your biggest protector of your business) ·     
Physical and Environmental protection (enabling your digital and connected systems to run optimally) ·     
Operations and Management (management and effective operation of all aspects of your digital and connected estate. ·     
Vulnerability Scanning (understand if your patching approach is effective, but to also identify any uncaptured vulnerabilities across your estate.) ·     
Monitoring (review of logs to better protect your digital and connected estate) ·     
Backup and Restore (Ensure the ability to recover quickly and efficiently to drive a more robust and resilient approach to recovery) ·     
Incident Management (You won’t get judged if you are breached, but you will be judged by how you respond to an incident) ·     
Business Continuity (Make your business resilient against Cyber attack   Once you have these elements in place and they are demonstrably effective you are then ready to showcase your hard work and commitment to securing your business and protecting your clients by officially gaining your IASME Governance with GDPR certification.


IASME Governance also includes Cyber essentials certification.
IASME Governance
  • Access to templates for guidance
  • Access to the questionaire portal
  • 2 attempts at gaining the certification
  • Limited Email support from our consultants
  • Contact Us
IASME Governance and Support
On Request

  • Access to Cyber Essentials and IASME Governance templates for guidance
  • Initial 1.5 hrs virtual meeting support to get started and 2.5 additional hrs Telephone and Email Consultancy support on how to implement a Cyber Essentials compliant approach
  • Access to the IASME Governance questionaire portal
  • Initial review of responses before submission
  • 2 submission attempts at gaining the certification
  • Contact Us
Full Implementation
On Request

  • Tailored package of work for your business
  • Access to Cyber Essentials templates for guidance
  • Virtual support Meetings
  • F2F meetings if required
  • Documentation development and creation
  • Mitigation support and implementation
  • Training and Awareness support
  • Tailored package from the wider TRaC Defence Capabilities
  • Tailor your Own Package

Self Assessment IASME Governance with GDPR

Once you have implemented the IASME controls and your business is satisfied it is effective you are then ready to showcase your hard work and commitment to securing your business and protecting your clients by officially gaining your Self Certified IASME Governance with GDPR certification.