Database Encryption and Management

Database Encryption and Management

The amount of data that an organisation has is spiraling and this means that most organisations will have a large scale database or in most cases multiple large scale databases that have grown organically over time.  The ability to protect those databases effectively can be difficult especially if you have to apply multiple different standards of encryption and different monitoring systems.  TRaC Defence can help you select the right solution and our specialists can help you implement the capability to provide a single overarching encryption approach and monitor all databases from a single pane of glass.

Database Encryption

Database monitoring is a very specialist tool and can be very noisy for an SIEM. Understanding what, where, why and who with all activities on databases can protect you against anomalous behaviour from externally influenced to insider threats to your data. Our specialists can help you develop the capability to provide a single view of your data stored.

Database Monitoring

Most Databases come with a certain level of security features for their product; this can be satisfactory from a basic level.  However, when you implement multiple types of Database whether that is Mongo DB, SQL, Oracle etc. having different encryption schema's can be costly in maintenance and also make it difficult for data migration and exchange.  Selecting a solution that can enable a single encryption schema would reduce complexity and support costs associated with maintaining multiple systems.  Also by having a common system futureproofing and migration becomes a lot simpler.