Cyber Transformation Management

Stakeholder Engagement and Management

Transformation programmes need to involve the whole business.  Trying to develop the full approach without input from the rest of the business is prone to failure.  Our specialists can engage with all stakeholders from C-Level through the entire business such as HR and Finance to ensure that the business is engaged and ready to embrace the change.  More importantly through a coordinated and timely approach this can reduce risk and complications of the overall programme.

  • Engage with the C-Level stakeholders and sponsor
  • Capture the reason for the programme and what 'good looks like'
  • Engage the business functions and departments
  • Create a communication and input process
  • Identify key stakeholders
  • Identify the key responsibilities of the stakeholders and their responsibility on the transformation programme
  • Develop and implement a set of security working groups to enable timely communication of plans and enable input
  • Collect and collate capture requirements for analysis and review by the project team

Cyber Transformation Programme Management

Management of a complex programme of projects is both time consuming and full of risk.  Our specialists can manage the programme and separate projects to ensure delivery to time, quality and cost.

  • Provision of a full PMO headed up by a senior security specialist (if required)
  • Development of a top level programme plan
  • Identification and management of key delivery stakeholders
  • Development and management of all individual projects associated with the transformation programme
  • Full reporting of progress and successes
  • Risk and opportunity management
  • Project closure

Cyber Remediation

A Transformation programme covers all aspects of cyber covering every element of your organisation's people, processes and technology.  TRaC Defence can develop a full programme utilising all its offerings and services to meet the goals of the organisation and its stakeholders.

  • Policy and process development
  • Business risk evaluation and management
  • ISO 27001 implementation
  • Security architecture design
  • Training and awareness
  • Technology provision
  • 3rd party assessments and auditing
  • Network security

Continuous Improvement

The very nature of cyber is that it is forever changing and any solution put in place needs to flexible and have the ability to adapt.  Utilising the OODA (Observe, Orientate, Decide and Act) loop approach our specialists are continuously looking at the most efficient ways to enable flexibility and allow for the solution to be adapted if required.  This approach takes into account the balance between risk, approach and cost.