Cyber Security Solutions

Creating a flexible and secure business environment


TRaC Defence Limited
Cyber Essentials and IASME Governance Certification Body

TRaC Defence is always striving to ensure that our clients and their customers, as well as our business is protected through best practice.

As an IASME Certification Body we can help your business on its journey to better protecting itself and your clients through applying common policies processes and techniques to enable your business to exploit wider digital tooling while maintaining Cyber security.

Cyber Essentials

Giving our Clients Confidence that we want to protect them and our business.

IASME Cyber Assurance Level 2 (Audited)

Enhancing our certifications and growing in maturity within our business to implement best practice for cyber security


Threat Risk and Compliance Support

When it comes to protecting your business you can never underestimate the basic hygiene factors.  TRaC Defence can help develop an approach that not only evaluates your risk, but allows you to focus your efforts and money in the areas that matter, allowing you to focus on your business.


Security Design Solutions

What is good enough? What should I put in place to protect my business that allows me to remain flexible to meet my customers need while remaining secure?  TRaC Defence as part of a security in depth and privacy in depth approach can help you design the right approach through the right people, process and technology mix.


Security Product Services

Dealing with lots of third parties to procure security products can be daunting and time consuming.  TRaC Defence can help you by procuring the solution sets for you.   This allows you to deal with a single company while getting the solution and pricing you want.


Incident Response and Forensics 

When a breach occurs your business needs to be prepared.  Clear policies, processes and plans need to be in place to ensure your business can react and reduce the impact.  TRaC Defence can help you prepare for events and incidents.  Through initial reaction through to remediation planning.   We can also help implement your response by providing management and support during an incident to ensure a quick response.

Why TRaC Defence?

Better Results

By using specialists to carry out the parts of Security you want managed, your business will get better results by being able to focus on your core and critical risks.

Achieve the right balance

Our specialists can help you achieve the right security balance for your business.  By balancing cost and risk to meet your compliance and regulatory obligations.

Quicker deployment

Security specialists can reduce time to implementation and risk of delays and unpredictable outcomes.  Our teams can either run, or supplement your team with required skills to deliver security on time.


Gain the ability to improve your business' ability to respond to any risks or threats that your business faces quickly and efficiently.  Reducing impact to you and your clients.  TRaC Defence can be agile and flexible and support you when you need it most.

Ready to deliver

The TRaC Defence team will be ready to help you protect your business against the growing and ever changing threat.